Literacy Ideas

Do you want to help your child to READ? Well the best way to start is by teaching them letter sounds. Use this ALPHABET  CHART to teach your child the beginning sounds of each picture. 

A-a-apple, B-b-butterfly, C-c-cat. Say the letter sounds of the beginning of each picture, not the letter names. Repeat this routine everyday! 

Learning the beginning sounds of words is also the first step in writing! 

If you like this chart, just click on it! You can download it for FREE.

I also love using learning videos on YouTube. Kids love learning through songs! Here's one of our class's favorite ABC Phonics Songs with two words for each letter.

Click on the video below to preview it.

Start working with your child on "Sight Words".

Click on the picture for sight word cards.


I buy my cookie sheets at the Dollar Tree. You can check out my assorted activities in my SHOP.
The magnet letters came from the Dollar Spot at Target, but you have to grab them at the beginning of the school year. They have some great sets on Amazon too. One of my favorite activities is using the letter board. It helps kids find letters without having to sort through them all. And it helps teach them ABC order. (Just because they can sing the song, doesn't really mean they know what letter comes next!)

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